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RC-Series, Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Enerpac RC Series single acting hydraulic cylinders set the industry standard for general purpose cylinders.Unique GR2 Bearing Design, reduces wear, extending lifeCollar threads, plunger threads and base mounting holes enable easy fixturing (on most models)Designed for use in all positionsHigh strength alloy steel for durabilityRedesigned cylinder thread protector for ease of useHeavy-duty, pretensioned spring improves retraction speedBaked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistanceCR-400 coupler and dust cap included on all modelsPlunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life.

Cylinder Stroke Model Cylinder Oil Collapsed  
Capacity   Number Effective Capacity Height  
(kN) (mm)   (cm2) (cm3) (mm) (kg)
  16 RC-50** 6,5 10 41 1,0
  25 RC-51 6,5 16 110 1,0
5 76 RC-53 6,5 50 165 1,5
(45) 127 RC-55* 6,5 83 215 1,9
  177 RC-57 6,5 115 273 2,4
  232 RC-59 6,5 151 323 2,8
  26 RC-101 14,5 38 89 1,8
  54 RC-102* 14,5 78 121 2,3
  105 RC-104 14,5 152 171 3,3
10 156 RC-106* 14,5 226 247 4,4
(101) 203 RC-108 14,5 294 298 5,4
  257 RC-1571* 14,5 373 349 6,4
  304 RC-1012 14,5 441 400 6,8
  356 RC-1014 14,5 516 450 8,2
  25 RC-151 20,3 51 124 3,3
  51 RC-152 20,3 104 149 4,1
  101 RC-154* 20,3 205 200 5,0
15 152 RC-156* 20,3 308 271 6,8
(142) 203 RC-158 20,3 411 322 8,2
  254 RC-1510 20,3 516 373 9,5
  305 RC-1512 20,3 619 423 10,9
  356 RC-1514 20,3 723 474 11,8
  26 RC-251 33,2 86 139 5,9
  50 RC-252* 33,2 166 165 6,4
  102 RC-254* 33,2 339 215 8,2
25 158 RC-256* 33,2 525 273 10,0
(232) 210 RC-258 33,2 697 323 12,2
  261 RC-2510 33,2 867 374 14,1
  311 RC-2512 33,2 1033 425 16,3
  362 RC-2514* 33,2 1202 476 17,7
30(295) 209 RC-308 42,1 880 387 18,1
  51 RC-502 71,2 362 176 15,0
50 101 RC-504 71,2 719 227 19,1
(498) 159 RC-506* 71,2 1131 282 23,1
  337 RC-5013 71,2 2399 460 37,6
75 156 RC-756 102,6 1601 285 29,5
(718) 333 RC-7513 102,6 3417 492 59,0
95 168 RC-1006 133,3 2239 357 59,0
(933) 260 RC-1571 133,3 3466 449 72,6


Material: Stainless Steel
Usage: Automation and Control
Structure: General Cylinder
Power: Hydraulic
Standard: Standard
Pressure Direction: Single-acting Cylinder



single acting hydraulic cylinder

How does a single-acting hydraulic cylinder fit into various hydraulic system designs?

A single-acting hydraulic cylinder can be integrated into various hydraulic system designs, offering versatility and functionality. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Hydraulic systems are widely used in numerous industries for various applications, including heavy machinery, construction equipment, manufacturing processes, and automation systems. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders play a crucial role in these hydraulic systems, providing linear force and motion. Here are the key points on how single-acting hydraulic cylinders fit into various hydraulic system designs:

1. Force Generation: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are designed to generate force in one direction, typically during extension. They convert the hydraulic pressure supplied by the hydraulic system into linear force, enabling the system to perform tasks such as lifting, pushing, pulling, or clamping. The force generated by the single-acting hydraulic cylinder can be precisely controlled and adjusted, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

2. Actuation Mechanism: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders serve as actuation mechanisms in hydraulic systems. They convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, allowing the system to perform the desired tasks. By utilizing the hydraulic pressure to extend or retract the piston, the single-acting hydraulic cylinder enables the system to move or apply force to the targeted components or objects.

3. Compact Design: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders have a relatively compact design, making them adaptable to various hydraulic system layouts and configurations. Their compact size allows for flexible installation, enabling integration into space-limited environments or complex machinery. The compact design of single-acting hydraulic cylinders also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of hydraulic system designs.

4. Integration with Valves and Control Systems: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be easily integrated with valves and control systems within hydraulic systems. Valves control the flow and direction of hydraulic fluid to the cylinder, enabling precise control over the cylinder’s movement and force application. Control systems, such as pressure regulators or proportional control valves, can be employed to adjust and fine-tune the hydraulic pressure supplied to the cylinder, ensuring accurate and controlled operation. The integration of single-acting hydraulic cylinders with valves and control systems allows for the customization and optimization of hydraulic system designs.

5. System Customization: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders offer customization options to fit various hydraulic system designs. The cylinder’s stroke length, bore size, mounting configurations, and accessories can be tailored to meet specific requirements. This customization ensures compatibility with the overall hydraulic system design and optimizes the performance of the system in terms of force output, speed, and precision.

6. Safety Considerations: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders can incorporate safety features such as pressure relief valves, burst discs, or emergency stop mechanisms. These safety measures help prevent excessive force application, system overpressure, or equipment damage, providing a higher level of safety in hydraulic system designs.

Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are employed in a wide range of hydraulic system designs, including hydraulic presses, lifting equipment, material handling systems, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and more. Their adaptability, force generation capabilities, compact design, integration with valves and control systems, customization options, and safety features make them valuable components in hydraulic system designs across various industries.

single acting hydraulic cylinder

Can single-acting hydraulic cylinders be integrated into manufacturing machinery?

Yes, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be integrated into manufacturing machinery. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Manufacturing machinery often requires precise and controlled linear motion for various operations such as lifting, pressing, clamping, or material handling. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders offer an effective solution for these applications due to their ability to provide force in one direction. Here are some key points on how single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be integrated into manufacturing machinery:

1. Lifting and Lowering: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are commonly used for lifting and lowering heavy loads in manufacturing machinery. They can be integrated into lifting mechanisms, such as scissor lifts or lift tables, to provide the necessary force for vertical movement. The cylinders can be actuated by hydraulic pumps to extend or retract, enabling controlled lifting and lowering operations.

2. Pressing and Forming: In manufacturing processes that involve pressing or forming operations, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be employed. They can be integrated into presses, stamping machines, or forming dies to apply force and shape materials. The cylinders provide controlled and repeatable force application, ensuring accurate and consistent results.

3. Clamping and Holding: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are suitable for clamping and holding applications in manufacturing machinery. They can be integrated into clamping devices or fixtures to secure workpieces during machining, welding, or assembly processes. The cylinders exert force to hold the workpiece firmly in place, providing stability and precision during manufacturing operations.

4. Material Handling: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are utilized in material handling equipment within manufacturing machinery. They can be integrated into lifting arms, tilt mechanisms, or conveyor systems to manipulate and transport materials. The cylinders enable controlled movement and positioning of materials, enhancing efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes.

5. Custom Integration: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders offer flexibility for custom integration into manufacturing machinery. They can be tailored to specific requirements by adjusting parameters such as bore size, stroke length, and mounting options. Manufacturers and machine builders can work together to design and incorporate hydraulic cylinders into machinery systems, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

It is important to consider the specific needs of the manufacturing machinery and select the appropriate single-acting hydraulic cylinders based on factors such as required force, stroke length, speed, and operating conditions.

In summary, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be effectively integrated into manufacturing machinery for various applications including lifting, pressing, clamping, and material handling. Their ability to provide controlled linear force makes them valuable components in achieving precise and reliable movement in manufacturing processes.

single acting hydraulic cylinder

Can single-acting hydraulic cylinders be customized for specific machinery and equipment?

Yes, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be customized to meet the specific requirements of various machinery and equipment. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Size and Dimensions: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be customized in terms of size and dimensions to fit specific machinery and equipment. The cylinder’s length, diameter, and stroke length can be tailored to match the available space and installation requirements of the application. Custom sizing ensures optimal integration and functionality within the given system.

2. Force Capacity: The force capacity of a single-acting hydraulic cylinder can be customized to suit the load requirements of the machinery or equipment. By adjusting the effective area of the piston, the cylinder can be designed to generate the desired force output. This customization ensures that the cylinder can effectively handle the required load without being underutilized or overstrained.

3. Mounting Options: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders offer various mounting options that can be customized to align with the mounting requirements of the machinery or equipment. Mounting styles such as flange mounts, clevis mounts, trunnion mounts, and foot mounts can be selected or designed to provide secure and reliable attachment points for the cylinder.

4. Rod End Configurations: The rod end of a single-acting hydraulic cylinder can be customized to accommodate specific connection requirements. Different rod end configurations, such as threaded ends, spherical bearings, or eye ends, can be incorporated based on the machinery or equipment’s connection points and load distribution needs.

5. Sealing and Material Selection: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be customized in terms of sealing systems and materials to ensure compatibility with the operating conditions and fluid used in the machinery or equipment. The sealing system, including O-rings, rod seals, and wiper seals, can be selected to withstand specific pressures, temperatures, and environments. Additionally, the cylinder’s construction materials can be chosen to provide the necessary strength, corrosion resistance, or other desired properties.

6. Integration with Hydraulic Systems: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be customized for seamless integration with the hydraulic systems of machinery and equipment. They can be designed to work in conjunction with specific pumps, valves, and control mechanisms to create a tailored hydraulic system that optimizes performance and functionality.

7. Special Features and Accessories: Depending on the application requirements, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be customized with special features and accessories. These may include position sensors, stroke limiters, cushioning mechanisms, or any other components that enhance safety, precision, or specific operational needs.

In summary, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be customized for specific machinery and equipment by adjusting size and dimensions, force capacity, mounting options, rod end configurations, sealing and material selection, integration with hydraulic systems, and incorporating special features and accessories. Customization ensures that the hydraulic cylinder is tailored to the unique requirements of the application, enabling optimal performance and functionality.

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