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       Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder     


The new Series SAT represents a substantial design upgrade to the previous Series SAT cylinder line. Custom SAT cylinders are available in a large variety of styles and configurations to accommodate even the most rigorous and demanding mobile equipment.

Additionally, the new SAT design features a changeable base bearing and overall lighter weight than the previous model. Extensive field testing involving 9 cylinder models have taken place in large OEMs, Internal testing with 3 different models run at 16 hours per day, 15,000 pound loads and 33,000 cycles have shown no failures.




1026 Steel, A36 Steel


13.8 Mpa


Various Operating Fluids


Various options availabe based on application requirements


Up to 17″ inch


up to 500 inch


Up to 16″ inch


-40 DEG TO 275 DEG F °F

Every  single acting telescopic cylinder is individually tested before leaving our plant to assure proper performance and leak-free operation. All  cylinder products carry  one year warranty.

• Truck
• Refuse
• Mining
• Material Handling
• Forestry
• Construction

Features and Benefits:
• Snap on glass filled bearings that absorb contaminants without damaging cylinder walls.
• Nylon tipped set screws that conform to packing nut threads to decrease the probability of packing nuts backing off.
• 18-month warranty.

• Dump Trucks and Trailers
• Mining Vehicles
• Material Handling Vehicles
• Construction Vehicles

    Single Acting Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders provide extremely long cycle life and are field-repairable.Our telescopic cylinders are 2,000 CHINAMFG rated and support application specific requirements (stroke lengths, closed lengths, and mountings).

    Learn more about GD Single Acting Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinder operating pressure and design features under Product Support.
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    tie rod hydraulic cylinder, welded hydraulic cylinder, telescopic cylinders cylinder, 

     flange type hydraulic cylinder,  hydraulic cylinder with valve function,

    hydraulic power unit,  Hydraulic manifold block,  pneumatic fitting,


    Tube – Cold Drawn Precision seamless Tubing 
    End Caps – Steel, threaded fixed; 
    Wear Ring – Nylon Backup Washer 
    Rod Seals – Polyurethane U-Cap 
    Rod – Chromed, ground & polished piston rod

    Mounts – Trunnion with angular Swivels 
    Rod Wiper – Polyurethane


    Agriculture, Concrete & Asphalt, 

    Cranes, Fire & Rescue,

     Forestry & Logging,Mining & Rock Crushing,

    Oil & Gas,

    Snow & Ice Control,Waste Management 

    Material Recycling Industry ,

    Engineering Equipment

    Special Vehicle


    1.High quality with a reasonable price


    3.Customized specification are accepted




    HangZhou ,China


    According to the specific request


    According to the product


    metal case;plywood case;carton or as requirement

    Delivery time

    30days CHINAMFG receipt of 30% deposit; or CHINAMFG receipt of relevant L/C;


    • Please review our production processes:


    We use metal case,plywood case /carton or as Customer’s requirements

    Hydraulic cylinders can be built according to your drawings or technical requirement.
    Sample order are acceptable

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    Certification: RoHS, ISO9001
    Pressure: High Pressure
    Work Temperature: High Temperature

    US$ 300/Piece
    1 Piece(Min.Order)


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    single acting hydraulic cylinder

    Can single-acting hydraulic cylinders be used in construction equipment like dump trucks?

    Yes, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be used in construction equipment like dump trucks. Here’s a detailed explanation:

    Dump trucks are commonly used in construction and mining industries to transport and unload bulk materials such as sand, gravel, dirt, and debris. These trucks are equipped with hydraulic systems that enable controlled lifting and tilting of the truck bed to unload the materials.

    Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are often employed in dump trucks to provide the necessary force for raising and lowering the truck bed. In a typical dump truck configuration, one or more single-acting hydraulic cylinders are mounted between the truck chassis and the bed.

    When it comes to raising the truck bed, hydraulic fluid is pumped into the pressure chamber of the single-acting hydraulic cylinder. The pressure forces the piston to extend, thereby lifting the bed to an inclined position for unloading. The weight of the materials being dumped assists in the gravity-driven tilting process.

    Once the materials are unloaded, the hydraulic fluid is released or redirected from the pressure chamber, allowing the weight of the truck bed and gravity to retract the piston and lower the bed back to its original position.

    The use of single-acting hydraulic cylinders in dump trucks offers several advantages:

    1. Simple Design: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders have a relatively straightforward design, making them cost-effective and easy to maintain.

    2. High Lifting Capacity: These cylinders can generate significant lifting force, enabling dump trucks to handle large loads.

    3. Controlled Unloading: The hydraulic system provides precise control over the raising and lowering of the truck bed, allowing for controlled and efficient unloading of materials.

    4. Durability: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are designed to withstand heavy-duty applications and harsh operating conditions commonly encountered in construction environments.

    5. Compatibility: Dump trucks are typically designed to accommodate single-acting hydraulic cylinders, making it easier to integrate these cylinders into the existing hydraulic systems of the trucks.

    It is important to note that while single-acting hydraulic cylinders are commonly used in dump trucks, other types of hydraulic cylinders, such as double-acting cylinders, may also be utilized depending on the specific design and requirements of the dump truck.

    In summary, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can indeed be used in construction equipment like dump trucks. These cylinders play a crucial role in enabling controlled lifting and tilting of the truck bed, facilitating efficient unloading of materials in construction and mining operations.

    single acting hydraulic cylinder

    Can single-acting hydraulic cylinders be integrated into manufacturing machinery?

    Yes, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be integrated into manufacturing machinery. Here’s a detailed explanation:

    Manufacturing machinery often requires precise and controlled linear motion for various operations such as lifting, pressing, clamping, or material handling. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders offer an effective solution for these applications due to their ability to provide force in one direction. Here are some key points on how single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be integrated into manufacturing machinery:

    1. Lifting and Lowering: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are commonly used for lifting and lowering heavy loads in manufacturing machinery. They can be integrated into lifting mechanisms, such as scissor lifts or lift tables, to provide the necessary force for vertical movement. The cylinders can be actuated by hydraulic pumps to extend or retract, enabling controlled lifting and lowering operations.

    2. Pressing and Forming: In manufacturing processes that involve pressing or forming operations, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be employed. They can be integrated into presses, stamping machines, or forming dies to apply force and shape materials. The cylinders provide controlled and repeatable force application, ensuring accurate and consistent results.

    3. Clamping and Holding: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are suitable for clamping and holding applications in manufacturing machinery. They can be integrated into clamping devices or fixtures to secure workpieces during machining, welding, or assembly processes. The cylinders exert force to hold the workpiece firmly in place, providing stability and precision during manufacturing operations.

    4. Material Handling: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are utilized in material handling equipment within manufacturing machinery. They can be integrated into lifting arms, tilt mechanisms, or conveyor systems to manipulate and transport materials. The cylinders enable controlled movement and positioning of materials, enhancing efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes.

    5. Custom Integration: Single-acting hydraulic cylinders offer flexibility for custom integration into manufacturing machinery. They can be tailored to specific requirements by adjusting parameters such as bore size, stroke length, and mounting options. Manufacturers and machine builders can work together to design and incorporate hydraulic cylinders into machinery systems, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

    It is important to consider the specific needs of the manufacturing machinery and select the appropriate single-acting hydraulic cylinders based on factors such as required force, stroke length, speed, and operating conditions.

    In summary, single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be effectively integrated into manufacturing machinery for various applications including lifting, pressing, clamping, and material handling. Their ability to provide controlled linear force makes them valuable components in achieving precise and reliable movement in manufacturing processes.

    single acting hydraulic cylinder

    What safety considerations should be kept in mind when using single-acting hydraulic cylinders?

    When using single-acting hydraulic cylinders, several important safety considerations should be kept in mind to ensure the well-being of personnel and the proper functioning of the equipment. Here’s a detailed explanation:

    1. Pressure and Force Limitations: It is crucial to understand and adhere to the recommended pressure and force limitations specified by the manufacturer for the single-acting hydraulic cylinder. Exceeding these limits can lead to equipment failure, hydraulic fluid leaks, or other hazardous situations. Always operate the cylinder within its designed capacity to prevent accidents or damage.

    2. Proper Installation: Ensure that the single-acting hydraulic cylinder is correctly installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes proper alignment, secure mounting, and appropriate connections. Improper installation can result in misaligned forces, leakage, or unexpected movements, posing safety risks.

    3. Inspection and Maintenance: Regularly inspect the single-acting hydraulic cylinder for any signs of wear, damage, or leakage. Maintain a scheduled maintenance program to address any issues promptly. Neglecting maintenance can compromise the cylinder’s performance, leading to potential safety hazards or equipment failure.

    4. Fluid Compatibility: Ensure that the hydraulic fluid used in the system is compatible with the single-acting hydraulic cylinder and other components. Using the wrong type of fluid can cause seal degradation, reduced performance, or system malfunctions. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow proper fluid selection and maintenance practices.

    5. Leak Prevention: Monitor the hydraulic system for any signs of leaks, especially around the single-acting hydraulic cylinder. Leaking hydraulic fluid can create slippery surfaces and increase the risk of accidents. Address any leaks promptly by replacing damaged seals or components and ensure that proper containment measures are in place.

    6. Overload Protection: Implement suitable overload protection mechanisms to prevent excessive forces or loads from damaging the single-acting hydraulic cylinder. This may include incorporating relief valves, pressure-limiting devices, or load-sensing controls. Overload protection helps prevent equipment failure, potential injuries, or structural damage.

    7. Lockout/Tagout Procedures: When performing maintenance, repair, or any work involving the single-acting hydraulic cylinder, adhere to lockout/tagout procedures. Lockout/tagout ensures that the hydraulic system is safely de-energized and secured, preventing accidental activation or release of stored energy. This protects personnel from injury during maintenance activities.

    8. Operator Training and Awareness: Ensure that operators receive proper training on the safe operation of single-acting hydraulic cylinders. They should be aware of the potential hazards, proper handling techniques, and emergency procedures. Promote a culture of safety and encourage operators to report any safety concerns or incidents promptly.

    9. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Provide appropriate personal protective equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses, or protective clothing, to personnel working with or around the single-acting hydraulic cylinder. PPE helps protect against potential hazards, including hydraulic fluid contact, flying debris, or unexpected movements.

    In summary, when using single-acting hydraulic cylinders, it is essential to consider pressure and force limitations, proper installation, inspection and maintenance, fluid compatibility, leak prevention, overload protection, lockout/tagout procedures, operator training and awareness, and the use of personal protective equipment. Adhering to these safety considerations promotes a safe working environment and ensures the reliable and secure operation of the hydraulic system.

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